About me

That's me with my husband

I am so glad you stopped by my blog and even more happy to see you reading about me :) I know you are more interested to know about my crafts than me ;) LOL 
Nevertheless, since you have made an effort to know me better... I am all in for a long introduction, ouch!! don't go, I promise to make it short :)

My name is Deepti and I was born in Lucknow, India. I grew up in a small Hindu family with my loving parents and caring elder brother , did my Masters in Science followed by MBA, worked for about 5 years  and then moved to Ohio, USA after marrying my husband, Vikas. My husband is a wonderful supporter, admirer and critic of my work. I thank him for promoting me to pursue my creativity with passion :) Okay, that's that... but wait I forgot to talk about crafting... patience not much is left :p

I have always had this creative knack and now since I am a home maker and have loads of time, I am exploring and expanding my creativity everyday and in every way ;). I loved sketching and painting from my childhood but paper crafting is a newly acquired passion. All thanks to the wonderful world of blogs which I recently joined from January 2013. My card making style is CAS and what makes me unique... I guess is the fact that I incorporate my own hand drawn elements in my creations. Hope you will enjoy and be inspired :)

Finally, I did it... no actually you did it , I am talking about the patience you showed to read and reach up to this line :) 

I am really thankful for the time you have taken out for me :)
Happy Crafting folks!!


  1. I think I've just become your newest follower and realise that I've admired your cards on various challenges since I started blogging in April without realising they were all yours. You have a real talent and all your cards are stunning. Sarah x

  2. I am your newest follower. Great work here! Tonnes of talent!

  3. What a wonderful couple you make Deepti.
    I love your CAS style, you are wonderfully talented.
    Hugs Mau xx

  4. How wonderful to read a little more about you. BTW, I enjoy your writing style.

  5. That's great knowing about you Deepti :). Thanks for sharing :) Following your sweet blog now :)

  6. Hi Deepti - c here, from *just me: c* thanking you first for all the lovely, supportive, encouraging comments you leave on my blog! I just finished reading 'about' you - and wow! What a highly educated (seriously - a Master's in Science AND and MBA - you are one brilliant gal!), creative and eloquent individual you are, not to mention adventurous! I admire your courage in leaving your home country to pursue a 'new life' in the US; I'm sure you must miss your family, so hopefully visits are frequent. For someone who has 'just recently' delved into card-making, you've really proven yourself a 'rock star' - your style is incredibly eye-catching and unique, and you've certainly found your niche! The popularity of your talents - given that you're on such a number and variety of DTs - speaks volumes of your amazing talents and creativity. You mentioned that you're a 'home-maker', which is a challenging job in and of itself. What a wonderful opportunity it must offer for you to work on your crafts, creating dazzles and delights that have all of us gazing and admiring in awe. Look at me: I'm probably boring you with my babbling, so I'll 'sign off', but not before saying: that photo of you and your husband is absolutely heart-warming, and second, 'meeting you' has been a real joy! You are a gem, a sweet-heart and a treasure!

  7. I am a new fan of your blog!! I love your CAS style of card making .. also the description about the creation process .. thanks !!!

  8. Wondering if the Happy Hanukkah card you created with Fri-Dies has the star cut out or us it an overlay?

  9. Hi! I'm currently watching your Craftsy/Bluprint class and I had to find your website! You've inspired me to explore watercolors further. I've worked with them in the past, but, after watching only the first few classes, I've got one taped on my work surface and several more in mind. Thank you for sharing your talents!